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About Natalie Alcantara: Natalie Alcantara is a strategist, advisor, mentor, and coach who inspires business leaders to be at their best. She has spent over 25 years propelling her clients to the forefront of their industries, both as an internal team leader and through her own consultancy firm ION Marketing Ltd.

Natalie has an unerring eye for impactful ideas that create real brand resonance. She is passionate about creating authentic connections that help businesses evolve and build brand affinity.

She has recently become a Certified Guide in the groundbreaking XCHANGE Approach facilitation method.


In this episode, Chabidaye and Natalie discuss:

Key Takeaways:

"In any given moment we have the choice. To view our world with lack or with love. Love leads us forward the fastest! The river always finds the ocean… trust the process of change!" —  Natalie Alcantara


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Website: www.ionmarketingltd.com 

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